A visitor’s impression of your stand is very important. Your site should attract the attention of passers by and display clearly who you are and what you do or sell. Your exhibition display is a reflection of you and your business, it is your shop front during the exhibition, ensure it portrays your business in the best possible manner. There will be people who have never seen or heard of you before, your exhibition display and staff are what they will remember about you for years to come, so MAKE IT COUNT !  

10 Tips on creating an inviting exhibition space:

  1. Have an open floor plan, you want your stand to be welcoming and easy for visitor to access.
  2. Don’t clutter your stand and definitely do not leave rubbish, coffee cups, food etc lying around. It’s also a good idea not to eat food on your stand, take a break and visit the food court.
  3. Think about what furniture you will have on your site. While comfortable chairs are a great idea to sit in while chatting to clients, you do not want people who are not interested in your business using your site as a rest stop and coming between you and your next potential client.
  4. If you have an outdoor site, think about providing some shade with either your product or a marquee. Providing shade will ensure your clients don’t leave in a hurry, are protected from the elements and can talk your staff in comfort.
  5. Ensure your branding is clear and visible for visitors to see. A few large and well placed signs will ensure your brand is quick and easy to see. Dozens of small signs can look messy and will be harder to read. Remember to keep your message short and clear in your signage, you need to grab visitors attention quickly !
  6. Use color and light, a bright and colorful site will draw attention likes moths to a light bulb, but be careful of using lights that create too much heat.
  7. Demonstrate! If you can demonstrate your product to visitors, the better your sales will be! Show visitors first hand exactly how your product works and how to use it. You will find a crowd will form quickly.
  8. Engage the senses. Give visitors something to remember about your stand. Did they hear, smell, taste, touch or see something memorable on your stand?
  9. Make your visitors comfortable. Don’t have loud music playing in the background and don’t bombard them with questions either.
  10. Finally remember your staff can leave a lasting impression on your potential customers, both good and bad. Ensure you have happy, helpful and friendly staff working your exhibition stand. Ensure your staff have clear goals and are fully aware of all aspects of your business.
  Pre-promote that you will be exhibiting, tell everyone to visit you, offer them an incentive, a show only special or run a competition to collect new leads. (here’s some simple options). Finally don’t forget to follow up on all your leads after the event, do not leave it months before returning calls or responding to the enquiries you received.   Below is some examples of some exhibition spaces that use these tips.  

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