We all love having our businesses promoted positively in the media, one good news story can bring more reward and recognition than a bunch of paid advertisements, and what’s more, it’s FREE!

Can your business benefit from positive reinforcement?

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  • Article forwarded to multiple news agencies, Print, Radio, TV, and Web.
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No one knows your business like you do, it’s time to start telling everyone about it!


Write a few paragraphs about something you are doing, an award you received, a new product or service, a sale, an innovation, or just tell how great you are. Don’t worry too much about how it reads, we will edit your story for you.


We need a great photo, preferably one that contains people. If you have a good story, take the time to get an employee, mate or photographer to capture an awesome image with people in it. Send us a few photos, tell us who is in the pictures, plus provide us with links to your website, social media pages, or to further information so that we can research your story further.


Forward your story to [email protected], you may need to forward images separately. If you have large files, send them via our website http://australianevents.com.au/send-large-files-to-australian-events

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