A new and interesting trend amongst shoppers attending events has recently been dubbed “The Savvy Shopper” by Australian Events director Bob Carroll.

After twenty-something years running major shopping, lifestyle and trade events, Bob Carroll has seen it all, but the latest trend has been building over many years on the back of technology.

More and more shoppers are arriving at events these days with a clear purpose in mind. They have conducted their own in-depth research online and compared apples against apples or vans against vans, from the comfort of their own lounge rooms.

Laden with more tech specs than a NASA engineer, they often arrive at events knowing more about their products of interest than most sales staff manning the stands.

The Savvy Shopper understands that events also provide a convenient one-stop shop to view and compare their prey before making the final purchase decisions.

Small Businesses need to keep pace with Savy Shoppers. Do not underestimate having a well-designed website that is kept up-to-date, current social media feeds and downloadable content to feed the hungry new shoppers.

Your content provides a source of nourishment that feeds their interest, desires, sales and builds brand loyalty. 

The last thing to consider is the convenience you can provide to the Savvy Shopper by putting your business alongside other businesses at events. Exhibiting at events will place you in a position to close out those sweet deals when the Savvy arrive to get up close and personal with their researched purchases.

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