About Jean Kittson

Join us at Care Expo Sydney to witness the remarkable presence of Jean Kittson, a renowned author, actor, and comedian. With an impressive career spanning various domains, Jean has captivated audiences through her engaging performances.

Television enthusiasts would recognise Jean from popular shows like The Big Gig, Let the Blood Run Free, Kittson Fahey, Good News Week, The Glasshouse, The Einstein Factor, and The Today Show. She also shares her wit and insights as a regular panelist on ABC 702 radio drive program, Thank God It’s Friday.

Adding to her repertoire, Jean has recently graced the big screen in the film Seriously Red, alongside talented actors such as Krew Boylan, Rose Byrne, and Celeste Barber.

Not just an entertainer, Jean is also an accomplished author. Her books, You’re still hot to me, the joys of menopause and We need to talk about Mum & Dad, A practical guide to parenting our ageing parents, have achieved significant success as best sellers.

Jean’s contributions extend beyond her artistic pursuits. She served as the inaugural Chair of the Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation and played a crucial role as a founding Ambassador for Ovarian Cancer Australia. Recognising the importance of compassionate care, she serves as the Patron of Palliative Care Nurses Australia. Moreover, Jean has taken on ambassadorial roles for organisations such as the Macular Disease Foundation, Raise Foundation, and Taldumande Youth Services.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from Jean Kittson and be inspired by her multifaceted achievements at Care Expo Sydney.

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