Australian Events Marketing know that the most important part of running a successful business is building a loyal and satisfied customer base, willing to make a purchase. Each year, thousands of visitors attend our events to learn more about products and services available to them, and we want to give you the best chance at securing their interest.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled this handy list of five things you can do to make sure you sell your product and sell it well!

1. Draw a crowd – make yourself the centre of attention at events by providing customers with an incentive to visit your site. Whether it’s live entertainment, interactive activities, giveaways or prize draws, businesses with something to give receive a MASSIVE amount of promotion. Prize providers at our events are promoted in the lead up to an event in emails, on the event website, in newspaper advertisements, on the radio, on social media, in television commercials, and in the Event Guide, which is all available to thousands of potential customers! On top of these promotions, you could expect thousands of visitors to your site, and a substantial database of future clients. One of the best possible promotions, it’s well worth considering giving in order to receive.

2. Spread the word – if you’ve recently won an award, or you’re launching a new product being near the event date, we want to hear about it! Australian Events can take your success and put it everywhere, driving the interest in your business through the roof! It doesn’t cost a thing, and it’s a proven way to put your business on the map.  All we need is a few lines and a good photo, and we can post your editorial on our websites, in our emails, on our social media, and you can see the effects in real time!

3. Tag yourself! – social media is one of the most lucrative ways to expand your business in the 21st Century. It’s the easiest way to get clients interested and involved in what you’re doing and can generate thousands of leads with a single click. The build up to an event is one of the best times to be promoting, so if you’re attending an event, you need to talk about it! Post regular updates about what you’ll be bringing to the event, who will be attending, special offers, photos and videos, and watch the sales make themselves!

4. Give things away – if you want to promote a product, you have to do it right. Digital marketing might be the way of the future, but traditional marketing is still just as effective! Promotional material continues to be a cheap but effective way to increase customer attention and promote your brand. Pick the products relevant to your business, pop your logo on them, and make yourself a household name. You could give out bumper stickers, pens, umbrellas, water bottles, tote bags, and heaps more. Whatever it is, make sure it’s good quality merchandise that represents you well. Most importantly – give it away! Give everyone who visits your site a free item, and they’ll immediately make a positive association with your business. It’s a sure-fire way to leave a lasting impact on all your potential customers.

5. Remember, they’re people, not prospects – it’s easy to lose sight of what’s in front of you when you have a goal to achieve. Meeting quotas and sealing deals are vital for successful businesses, but it’s what leads up to these sales that is truly crucial. Remember that it’s a person you’re talking to, not just a wallet – they have needs and problems to be solved. Your job as a business is to fulfil these needs and solve these problems. Ask yourself: what are your prospects looking for? What do they need? What problems can I solve for them? Once you answer these questions, you can create quality, targeted content that shows your customers that you care about them. Once you establish goodwill and loyalty, the sales will naturally follow.

Australian Events Marketing are always here to help. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to sell your products and build your client base, send us an email today!

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