The 2019 Cairns Expo and Mackay Expo’s both took place during May, and Australian Events are pleased to announce that some very positive feedback from both exhibitors and patrons alike has been flowing in.

Sales and leads in both these areas would appear to be on the rise, with 59% of surveyed patrons in Mackay indicating that they made a purchase at the event, while 53% indicated they made a purchase at the Cairns Expo.

Exhibitors have reflected this information in our post-event surveys by telling us that both events were important to the promotion of their businesses.

91% of exhibitors in Cairns and 83% in Mackay rated the sales and leads they received as good to excellent.

This is a fantastic result for the businesses involved. Australian Events congratulate all exhibitors for the efforts you put into your displays, the level of professionalism and the pride in your businesses throughout both events.

A big shout out goes to our prize providers from both the Cairns and Mackay Expos, Air Sound and Vision, Aero Glass and Aluminum, Bridgestone Tyres – North Queensland, Cape York Ice and Tackle and Leketek Mackay.