Quite often companies book exhibition space with good intentions to promote, build brand awareness and generate sales and leads, but often this can all come undone simply through a lack of good and precise communications from the management down.

Australian Events often see exhibition staff arrive at our events totally unaware of the bump in proceedings, site locations, site inclusions, exhibitor pass information and more. The confusion of the exhibition staff can often lead to problems onsite, including delays during bump in and access to the venue.

Staff may arrive onsite to discover that no power has been ordered to run the brand new 64 inch TV, or paneling was not ordered for the site. These issues can all be avoided with good communication. Good communication will also ensure your staff are in a positive frame of mind from bump in through to bump out, ensuring you will receive the best possible results from your exhibition. A positive sales person onsite will bring more rewards to your company than one who has had issues from start to end.

Occasionally the lack of communication with your staff may lead to verbal aggression towards the event management, simply as a reaction or mechanism by the onsite staff to combat their confusion and feelings of being in the wrong. It is unfortunate, but generally the onsite staff member is not at fault, the lack of communication to this person has placed them into a position of confusion.

All of these issues can be avoided by ensuring the communication channels are kept open at all times. Forward important event updates to all staff involved, ensure the onsite staff are well aware of proceedings, bump in times, pack up times, work place health and safety laws and of course the companies objectives from the exhibition.

Open communication will ensure your staff are on top of all proceedings, they will know what to expect, when to expect it, and have a good understanding of the companies objectives for the exhibition. So lets all start talking 🙂