Have you ever seen an exhibition site and thought to yourself, ‘Wow, that looks interesting’, and find yourself wandering over there without even knowing who they are. At trade show events such as the ones we host at Australian Events, this is the goal you are aiming for. You want as many patrons to visit your site as possible. Over the years we have noticed a difference in patrons visiting sites based on the way they look. In this edition of Exhibitor Tips we will discuss how you can create a ‘must-visit’ exhibition site at your next event.

Step 1: Use Colour

There is nothing more boring than looking at the same grey floor and grey partitions over and over again at events. Try to brighten up your site by using colour which relates or compliments your business image and brand. Not only will this differentiate your businesses from the others at the event but it will also draw in curious patrons as they walk by.

Step 2: Leave Space for Your Visitors

So many exhibitors make the mistake of filling their site space as much as they can with every product they stock. While it is good to stock a range of products on your site during the event, it is also important that you leave enough space for visitors to come through, browse and engage with you.

Step 3: Visuals

Humans are visual. The first thing a visitor will look for when they arrive at the event and are browsing through the number of sites, is a sign, logo or information about what your company does. When you set up your site make sure you take a step back and look at it from a visitor’s point of view. Think to yourself, is this easy for me to understand.

Step 4: Competitions

Running a competition on your site at an event will attract patrons to visit it. Make sure the competition is obvious. You will only collect leads when they can see and access the competition easily. Use signs and obvious visuals, such as arrows pointing to the barrel of coupon entries, to attract the crowds as they walk through the event. If you are running a competition, make sure to let us know.

Step 5: Interactive Content

Interactive content gives you a chance to engage with your attendees without having to talk to them. Try placing an iPad on your site with interactive demos of products that you may not have brought with you to the event. It could also be a great way to showcase how easy it is to set up and pack down some of the products you sell with videos and tutorials. You could also create a quiz which can help the visitor find the perfect solution in stock for them. This engaging content can also be used to capture leads at the event.

Step 6: Live Event Announcements

If you purchase an advertising package at one of our events, then you may be entitled to a live event announcement during the event. Your company, along with a short spiel about who you are and what you do, will be announced on a speaker during the event. These announcements are a great way to draw the patrons currently at the event to your site.

Step 7: Meet-Up area

Once you have found a potential buyer, it’s important to make them feel special. Why not create a small meet-up area within your site for any serious buyers so they can have a seat and speak with you in private. Use your company’s message and branding in this area to really set the tone.

Step 8: Engage in Social Media

Set the tone of the event before the event even starts. Engage with your followers and let them know where you are going to be. Maybe offer a deal for anyone who brings the message to the event or even set up a time where you will be doing a demo of the product which you sell. These small things will help entice more people to visit your site during the event. Make sure to promote your posts so they reach as many people as possible.

Step 9: Demos

If you stock a product which could use a demonstration, such as the setting up and packing down of a camper trailer, then why not take advantage of this and draw a crowd. Set up times where you will do demonstrations of your products and inform your followers and visitors. Make sure you have signage at the event regarding the demos so that potential customers can come back and tune in.

Step 10: Promotional Products

Want to create a lasting memory with the people who visit your site? Try promotional products. A stress ball, pen, magnet, hat or water bottle is an easy tool to use at an exhibition because you are giving your customers something to take home. Be careful with these, you don’t want to give a promotional product that no one wants. Choose wisely and according to your business.

We hope these steps will help you create a site that everyone wants to visit at your next event. If you have any tips you would like to share with the community, please don’t hesitate to email them to [email protected]

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