Australian Events wants you to succeed when you exhibit at our shows. That is why we push our marketing into every medium we possibly can to promote our events. But, there is always room for more, especially when promoting your specific brand. Australian Events has come up with some easy (and a couple of not so easy) pre-event marketing tips to help you get the most from our events.

Associate your business with the event you are taking part in. Use the free exhibitor banners we have created for you on Facebook and Twitter, or the Invitation Flyer to use to send out to your customer database. Associating your business with the event will get your client base excited and they will make the effort to attend the event just to see you.

Email your database and let them know you are exhibiting at the event. Each of our event websites provides you with event banners, flyers and email signatures that you can use to promote your involvement. Make sure you include the products & services you will displaying, plus any information you might want to share about the show specials you will be offering. You can even offer your followers an incentive by turning up and showing you the email for something special.

Actively post on your social media accounts – having one is not enough. It is important to post engaging content on your pages that inspire customers to come and visit you at the event. Post regular updates about the products and services you will be bringing, special offers, poll questions and photos of your set up before the event. This will generate excitement and in turn, influence people to attend the Expo. Don’t forget to tag Australian Events and the Event you are attending in your posts so we can share and promote them too.

At Australian Events, we like to give our customers something to look forward to when they attend our events, and what better way to do this than promoting your business throughout our email newsletters, on our social media and event websites. All you need to do is tell us what you are bringing. Submit an editorial to us outlining something special about your business. Remember, we are looking for editorials ready for publishing. If you’re interested in finding out more about this free promotional opportunity, click here.

You probably won’t be surprised when we tell you that businesses providing a prize incentive at events get a MASSIVE amount of promotion! It’s well worth giving in order to receive. Depending on the value, prize providers are promoted in the lead up to an event, in mass emails, on the event website, in newspaper advertisements, on the radio and in television commercials. On top of this promotion, you can expect to have many thousands of people visit you at the event! You might also gain a substantial database of future clients from the exercise. Really, this is possibly one of the best additional promotions you could possibly do. Give it a try one day, you won’t be disappointed.

Event Guides are another great tool to push your promotion far beyond an event. Consider the reach an event guide can have, inserted into regional papers and distributed in the tens of thousands. The Guide will reach people who may not even be able to attend the event, but who now have your contact details. Consider an advertisement or highlighted listing to make your business stand out. Contemplate being a prize provider to receive an additional promotion within the guide as well. An ad in the Guide is well worth the investment, but as long as you book early enough your details will be available within the directories.

We hope these marketing tips and tricks assist you with your upcoming event. Australian Events are always here to help! If you are interested in finding more exhibitor tips and tricks, click here.

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