Sometimes businesses may struggle to define whether or not an event was a success for them. This can happen for a number of reasons, especially when an exhibitor is not as prepared as they could be for the event. One of the best ways to ensure success is to come prepared – read all about our Do’s and Don’t’s for Exhibitors here. In the meantime, we have determined which tools are best to ensure an event is a success for exhibitors.


  1. Set Goals

First of all, a majority of successful companies come to our events with a goal in mind. A clear and realistic goal will help steer you and your employees in the right direction. Your company may be looking to increase sales by a certain amount or increase your client base by a certain percentage. With this in mind you can develop sales and marketing techniques to ensure you do reach this goal, instead of just winging it on the day. Without a goal you and your employees may not experience the result you were expecting, and therefore come to the conclusion that the event wasn’t a success.


  1. Lead Generation

We all know how important lead generation is, but do you have this process mapped out? Attending an event like one of ours at Australian Events is very different from selling your products & services at your store. It’s important to map out the journey you want to take with your potential customers onsite to maximise your leads. There are a number of ways that you are able to collect leads at the event such as running an onsite competition, having a business card drop or an iPad on your site ready to add potential customers to your email database. Collecting leads at the event will help you develop a hot list to take back to the office with you.


  1. Site Layout Design

You may think you need to spend thousands of dollars on your exhibition site in order to make it look appealing, but that’s wrong. We often find that the sites who have gone with a more simplistic and attractive approach will often do better than those with every product they stock on show. It’s important to make sure that your site is easy to navigate so that potential customers know what your business is about from first glance. Have a good think about the layout, products on display, graphics, colours and so on.


  1. Your Team

This is probably one of the most important notes to consider when you are planning on exhibiting at one of our events. The most successful companies have staff on their sites who have a positive, can-do attitude who are up and ready to talk to potential customers. It is important to consider employees that best represent your brand, where you can put into practice those techniques you have developed to achieve your goals. Remember to avoid looking bored or distracted, and be especially mindful of spending too much time on your phone or computer.


Before attending an event of any kind, whether it be with us or not, it is important to understand what success looks like for you. While we believe you will achieve success when you come to an event with a goal in mind, and a map of how your staff will engage with your potential customers, it is also important to recognise that exhibiting at these events is a great way to establish brand awareness.

So, even if you do not meet your goal, remember that thousands of visitors have now recognised your brand, and that is itself success.

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