Texas Longhorns were first imported into Australia in the early 1980’s. A dedicated group of breeders has managed to keep acquiring the latest genetics to where the quality of Longhorns in Australia is now of a very high standard.

Texas Longhorns have been described as a “Genetic Goldmine” and are now paving the way for leaner beef in Australia. They have true calving ease, low birth weights, high fertility, reproduction efficiency and excellent mothering ability.

Texas Longhorns have a hardiness, adaptability and browse utility which well suits the Australian environment. The cattle thrive in all areas, from semi-arid regions to snow covered paddocks. They can efficiently process many grassland products which go untouched by other breeds. This ability to browse efficiently on whatever pasture is available enables graziers to achieve a higher than normal land carrying capacity with resultant revenue enhancement.

D 7 Spur Texas Longhorns will be exhibiting the breed at the 2017 Queensland Beef Expo and Farming Field Days, 30 Aug – 1 Sep, Toowoomba Showgrounds. For further information, visit www.beefexpo.com.au


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