The purpose of Queensland Beef Expo is to be an opportunity for individuals and businesses in the farming community to create and maintain strong relationships. This year, there is plenty on offer with a variety of exhibits showcasing the latest in farming technologies. Farmers can integrate technology into their work in order to advance their processes and harvest overall larger amounts of produce to cater for a growing world.

These technological advances allow farmers to physically track livestock, trace produce from the farm straight to the customer and utilise unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor paddocks remotely. Here are three companies that will be exhibiting at the Expo this year and a little information about which technologies they will be showcasing.

StockMate is a powerful new livestock and paddock management app that records all animal movements paired with weight and treatment history, pregnancies, fodder levels and also environmental data. The app can also generate concise reports and calculates and predicts performance, based on average daily weight gains. StockMate is the latest initiative from eLynx, who will be at site P329.

Aglive was established with a mission to strengthen the connection between farmers and food. With this is mind, Aglive created the first ever food supply chain app that allows farmers to trace production from the paddock, all the way to the plate. The key benefits of digitally processing data include:

  • being able to identify in real time opportunities, trends and problems in productions
  • improving premium market access through guaranteed traceability and  authentication
  • having real time visibility through remote devices

Aglive will be at site OS192 and are willing to answer any questions patrons may have regarding their latest technologies.

Flying Ag is a technology company with strong connections within the Australian agriculture industry and they are committed to helping farmers to improve their on-farm practices through the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS’s).  These UAS’s help farmers save time and money by giving a bird’s eye view of hectares of land and providing immediate data so farmers can have a quicker reaction time to potential problems. Flying Ag will be at site OS157 with drones on display and will be able to determine which UAS is best suited for your business.


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