For thousands of years Aborigines have used paperbark to parcel their food for cooking.

Place 500 g self raising flour and 3 teaspoons bush spice (optional) in a bowl. Sifting the flour will improve the damper but is not essential. Add 375mls of warm beer (one stubby). Stir from the outside of the bowl until you have a firm but light dough. Wrap loosely in a piece of paperbark allowing for expansion. Tie with string and place in a preheated 200c degree oven (or camp oven) for 60 minutes. Unwrap and enjoy warm or cold. Some of the bark will adhere to the bread giving it its unique flavour.

1 stubbie beer
Enough self raising flour to make a creamy textured batter.
Mix beer and flour then let sit for 15 minutes.

Any items to be fried should be dipped in flour then batter before placing in the hot oil. This flour can be flavoured to improve the dish. For example lemon myrtle could be added to the flour when frying fish


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