The demand for portable power while camping has increased immensely over the past decade, where devices such as tablets and smartphones are now seen as a necessity rather than a luxury. Our devices all creep into our backpacks and take a journey along with us. These devices all add to the power demand on top of the usual suspects like rechargeable torches, lights and battery toothbrushes!

Thankfully Pocket Power Australia have seen the need for a higher wattage portable solar kit capable of keeping all those devices charged.

The new 150watt Flexi Folding Solar Kit from Pocket Power Australia can peak at 9.5amps in ideal conditions, which allows you to keep your deep cycle batteries full at all times. The kit comes complete with built-in legs, MPPT regulator and a 5-meter cable with Anderson plug style connectors. What’s more, the folding unit weighs only 4.8kg, making it the ideal camping companion.

Pocket Power Australia will have the new Solar Kits available at the Mackay Home Show and Caravan Camping Expo, Mackay Showgrounds, 19th to 21st May 2017.

For the Mackay Expo only, Pocket Power Australia are offering a FREE $100 gift for every 150watt solar kit purchased.

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