It is with excitement that we announce the debut of Darling Downs Harley Davidson at the 2017 Queensland Outdoor Adventure Expo! The team will be bringing all the goods including protective gear, including helmets and goggles and a range of the infamous Harley Davidson clothing range. There will also be a selection of their finest motorcycles on display for you to admire!

Harley Davidson was established in 1903 and is now one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers and remains a strong brand that has survived through periods of weak economy health and intense global competition. This is because of its loyal following with Harley Davidson customers immersing themselves in the iconic brand by creating Harley Davidson social groups, purchasing branded clothing and investing in a (or sometimes more than one!) Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The purpose of Harley Davidson is to help customers fulfil their dreams of personal freedom, which is echoed throughout all of their products and services. Harley Davidson value the deep emotional connection that is created with their customer through their products, services and experience and they are fuelled by the brand loyalty and trust that their customers place in them.

If you are searching for that freedom and carefree lifestyle that Harley Davidson offers, check out their displays at the 2017 Queensland Outdoor Adventure Expo at site U17.


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