Newcastle Outdoor Adventure & Motoring Expo

The Newcastle Outdoor Adventure and Motoring Expo provides an outstanding opportunity for retailers within the outdoor adventure and motoring industries to benefit from a professionally organised and highly focused event.

This event is strategically placed in the economic hub of the Hunter Region, home to almost 700,000 people. The event will showcase to the region the very latest outdoor adventure equipment and accessories, including the latest caravans and camper trailers, 4×4’s and accessories, boating and fishing, holidays, tourism, tools, gadgets and more.

The event will be a one-stop-shop for visitors looking for the very best deals to get them on the road to their next adventure.

If your business is looking to increase sales, and generate new leads and customers within this region, then you need to be at this event. 3-5 September 2021, Newcastle Entertainment Centre.

The 2020 Newcastle Outdoor Adventure and Motoring Expo has been declared an ‘approved trade show’ under clause 5A of the Motor Dealers and Repairers Regulation 2014. Interstate dealers will be able to participate in the show without being required to hold a NSW motor dealers licence. The sale of motor vehicles (including towable recreation vehicles) will continue to be prohibited for all dealers at the trade show.

3 – 5 September 2021

Newcastle Entertainment Centre

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Statistic data received from 2019 exhibitors and visitors who subscribed to the event newsletter.


Is this event important to the promotion of your business?

  • Yes 83% 83%

How would you rate the promotion of the event?

  • Good – Excellent 80% 80%

Do you intend to exhibit in 2020?

  • Yes 65% 65%

Exhibitor Testimonials

The 2019 event was a great event to promote and sell our products. The venue has ample space for more exhibitors, so future events should only get better.


Compact Campfires

Other than the weather, Mits Alloy thoroughly enjoyed the 2019 Expo. We had great customer feedback and the event was organised well.


Mits Alloy


Did you make any purchases at the event?

  • Yes 54% 54%

Do you intend to make a purchase from an exhibitor at a later date?

  • Good – Excellent 51% 51%

How would you rate this year’s event overall?

  • Good – Excellent 70% 70%

Are you likely to attend the event next year?

  • Yes 65% 65%

Visitor Testimonials

Good experience and I did love cathing up with Mal Leyland. We flew up from Melbourne for the Expo and found the van we were looking for.


Event Visitor

I greatly enjoyed visiting Mal Leyland and Ron Wilson (Kingbrown) both of their presentations were excellent.


Event Visitor

We had an informative time at the Expo, we were there because we are currently looking to purchase a new caravan, therefore we were particularly interested in the caravan dealers.


Event Visitor

We saw a variety of new things at the Expo that were different to the show in Maitland about a month earlier. Most exhibitors were friendly, professional and helpful.


Event Visitor

Excellent range of camper trailers and accessories. Came to the event with one particular trailer in mind with what I thought I wanted but saw many more options. Got a bit more research to do.


Event Visitor

A great afternoon was spent at the Expo. Found more than I expected to. We purchased two items that we had been wanting to purchase but did not expect to see them at the expo. We got to meet Mal Leyland, who only lived one street away from me when I was a child. He is such an amazing man. 


Event Visitor


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