The new normal has arrived!

There have been some major changes to the way we run our events, so to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of all the things you can do to make your exhibition site COVID Safe.

1. Check out the Exhibitor Portal for your event

The Exhibitor Portal is your must-visit web page to get all the information you need to ensure a safe and successful event. It contains links and information about all the things you need to know, including compulsory forms, the Exhibitor Handbook, COVID Safe Signage, optional forms, as well as tons of promotional material we’ve created to assist you in advertising your attendance at our events!

2. Complete your Compulsory Induction Form

All exhibitors, contractors, food vendors, entertainment and delivery persons must complete an Induction prior to arriving at the event venue. The Induction contains vital information about COVID Safe practices and regulations, such as guidelines for setting up your site space, and details surrounding what is and is not permitted as part of our COVID Safe Event Plan.

3. Schedule your Bump-In time

Due to COVID-19, we’ve had to implement some changes to the way we run our events. Part of these changes includes scheduled Bump-In times for all our exhibitors, to make sure that there is adequate physical distancing on site during Set Up.

Prior to the event, make sure you contact the Australian Events office to schedule your Bump-In time, to ensure you can set up safely and prepare your site for a successful event.

Please be aware that Bump-In times will be affected by the location and size of your site.

4. Set Up a COVID Safe Display

Once you arrive at the Event, it’s time to set up your site! There are a few things you can do to make sure that your display is COVID Safe during the event.

  • Determine your site capacity.

    There is an overall capacity limit for each site venue that has been calculated based on the size of the event precinct, but capacity limits also apply to individual site spaces. To calculate your site capacity, determine the square metreage of your site, minus the square metreage of items that take up space (caravans, trailers, boats, vehicles, tables and display stands, etc) and divide that number by four. For example, if you have a 200sqm site, with approximately 160sqm of that space taken up by stock, your maximum site capacity is 10 people. For smaller sites, we recommend limiting your site to one family group at any one time, to ensure you do not exceed your capacity.

    For larger sites with caravans and vehicles on display, you must also determine the capacity of vans, etc and ensure patrons do not exceed these limits.

    If you require assistance determining your site capacity, please contact the Australian Events office prior to the event on FREECALL 1800 671 588.
  • Allow space for social distancing.

    Once you have calculated your usable site space, make sure you set up your site in a way that allows for adequate social distancing. The recommendation is four square metres of space per individual, or 1.5 metres between patrons. Ensure that any walkways are adequately sized to allow patrons to maintain distance from one another.
  • Use distancing markers.

    To make sure patrons maintain physical distance, consider using ground markers or other indicators to show patrons how far apart they should remain while on your site. Make sure they are bright in colour and obvious, and that they are clearly visible at all times.
  • Place well-defined entry and exit points.

    Separate entry and exit points are useful in managing the number of people on your site. If you can, why not set up a one-way flow through your site, so patrons can see everything you have on offer without having to loop back on themselves? A one-way flow can work to your advantage, as it will draw people through your entire site, encouraging them to look at all your stock.
  • Stock up on pens.

    If you’re going to have patrons sign contracts and the like while on your site, make sure you have plenty of pens handy, to prevent cross-contamination. Consider having enough so that patrons can keep the pen after they use them – and make sure they’re branded, for extra advertising opportunities!
  • Provide hand sanitiser.

    Hand sanitiser is a crucial product that should be a staple item on your site during an event. Ensure you have plenty available, and place it at critical points throughout your site, such as at the site entry, and near any high-touch points, like caravans, display tables and the like.
  • Avoid physical contact.

    We all know that when meeting someone new it’s polite to go for a good, strong handshake, but unfortunately with COVID-19 hanging around, there has been some changes. Instead of shaking hands, try a friendly elbow tap, or a polite nod from a distance.

    If you do accidentally find yourself shaking hands, be sure to sanitise or wash your hands afterwards, just in case.
  • Demonstrate your products for your patrons.

    To avoid a high number of patrons handling your product, and risk having to constantly sanitise your items, why not showcase your products for them? Demonstrating your products can be a great way to get prospects interested in them, and can create great engagement with potential customers. Demonstrations will draw the eye of people passing by, and you will have a unique opportunity to demonstrate tips and tricks that might incentivise a purchase.

    Read more about the importance of demonstrating products here.
  • Wipe down high-touch points.

    Make sure you keep a pack of disinfectant wipes close by to sanitise high-touch points on your site as regularly as possible. This includes areas such as van entrances, door handles, drawer handles and prominent stock at the front of your display tables.
  • Make use of COVID Safe Signage.

    To ensure the safety of your staff and patrons, we recommend that all exhibitors make use of the COVID Safe Signage, available via the Exhibitor Portal.

    The COVID Safe Signage will assist in guiding patrons through your site requirements, including directing them to sanitise their hands, use entry and exit points and remind them of site capacity limits.

5. Go contactless

It has taken some getting used to, but the new reality is that cash is too risky. Phase out the cash on your site, and instead opt for entirely contactless payments, such as PayPal, Square and Eftpos. And, of course, make sure you sanitise your eftpos machine regularly!

6. Download the COVIDSafe App

We have taken specific measures to ensure that contact tracing can take place at our events, but as an added precaution, we recommend that any persons attending our events download and use the COVIDSafe app, which will enable contact tracing wherever you go, including at our event.

7. Install and use the Count Me In App

To keep track of patrons on your site and ensure you don’t exceed your capacity limits during the event, download the Count Me In app. Count Me In is free for use on up to three devices and allows users to sync their data, so you can accurately keep track of everyone coming or going from your site, even with separate entry and exit points.

Download the app for free on Google Play and the App Store.

8. Contact us for Assistance

If you’re not sure what to do, or what you need on site, contact your friendly Australian Events consultant on FREECALL 1800 671 588 and they will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

We hope that these tips assist you in creating a COVID Safe Exhibition stand, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!