Australian Events is very pleased with the progress now being made in Queensland, particularly around the event industry. Restrictions are easing in some areas and we are moving with those changes with the implementation of the long awaited ‘Industry Framework for Covid Safe Events in Queensland’ in the last few days.

Australian Events will be staging the first major event under this new framework in a few weeks’ time with the popular Gold Coast Expo.

The Covid Safe Event Plan for the Gold Coast Expo has now been approved in principle by the Gold Coast Public Health Unit. We are now working closely with Queensland Health to make further improvements to the Plan. Our Covid Safe Event Plan and our substantial WHS Plan are live documents that may require further tweaking in the lead up to the event in step with the ever changing Covid Environment. The good news is that the Plan is right and we are ‘Good To Go’.

You may have also heard that the Queensland Tourism Industry Council is working closely with Tourism Queensland to drive the massive marketing campaign called ‘Good to Go’ which is all about Seeing Queensland First by holidaying in Queensland. Almost all of our events have the exhibitors and the products to make that concept a reality for thousands of Queensland families.

So come on and get involved, book a site because we are ‘GOOD TO GO’.

For more information and site bookings, FREECALL 1800 671 588 or visit the event website.