Australian Events are pleased to announce that the Fraser Coast Expo has received approval in principle for the 2020 event.

Our unique Covid Safe Event Plan has been accepted, with minor refinements to take place as a result of some of the things we have learned from our Gold Coast event last weekend. Queensland Health have been very impressed with our approach and are working with us now to make these minor tweaks that will deliver even better protection for exhibitors and patrons alike.

The 2020 Fraser Coast Expo receives a “tick to proceed” from the Wide Bay Public Health Unit.

The Fraser Coast Expo’s ‘tick to proceed’ follows the successful approval and implementation of both the 2020 Gold Coast Expo and this weekend’s Queensland Outdoor Adventure and Motoring Expo in Toowoomba.

The Fraser Coast Expo COVID Safe Event Plan includes compulsory online inductions for all exhibitors, contractors, entertainment, food vendors and delivery drivers. Patron ticketing is a 100% online only system and all patrons and exhibitors will be scanned in and out of the Event Precinct, just to name some of the safety features that worked on the Gold Coast and that are now in play at the Toowoomba event.

Australian Events have two COVID Safe Events under their belt and have refined their processes and systems to ensure the new normal is implemented successfully across all other events.

Keep an eye out for future Australian Events updates as they lead the industry out of COVID lockdown and into a safe event future. Follow the rules and keep everybody safe.