Finding a business that has not been affected by COVID would seem more difficult than finding a parking spot near a Byron Bay beach at Christmas, but it’s no joking matter.

Australian Events Marketing was one of the first companies in Australia to modify and adapt major events to meet the new COVID Safe requirements in Queensland. During the pandemic so far, we have staged an incredible ten expos, stretching from the Gold Coast through to Cairns in far North Queensland, no easy feat.

After each event, we put our feelers out to exhibiting companies and patrons alike, seeking their feedback, and the results are now back.

It’s no surprise that over 63% of polled exhibitors indicated a downturn in demand for their products and services during Covid this year while a lucky 18% of exhibitors reported an increase in sales during this period.

The majority of companies attending the events implemented COVID Safe practices on their exhibition stand, with just over 90% supplying hand sanitizing facilities and around 80% of exhibitors who reported avoiding contact and handshaking at the events. COVID Safe signage and checklists also ranked highly.

Patrons also responded well to COVID Safe practices. Well over 80% of patrons indicated they maintained social distancing and sanitized their hands regularly while at events, a fantastic result. Unfortunately, the Government’s very own COVID Safe App appears to have been overlooked by around 60% of patrons.

Although exhibitor and patron numbers reduced during these COVID Safe Events, patron’s attending were spending. Close to 75% of polled exhibitors indicated that the events assisted them in gaining additional sales and leads, while half the patrons who completed the surveys reported purchasing at the events.

The statistics show that required changes to events during COVID have worked. The majority of patrons and exhibitors have followed the rules, allowing events to continue safely in Queensland.

81% of exhibitors polled from our 10 COVID Safe Events have rated events important to their sales strategy in the current economic climate. 99% of exhibitors rated Australian Events Marketing as Good to Excellent at running Covid Safe Events.

Thank you to all the businesses who consistently support the event industry by exhibiting, we hope you continue to benefit from your participation and look forward to working with you again in 2021.