The best of the USA are heading down under to take on Australia in what will be the first USA vs Australia Poker Rodeo Ranch Sorting competitions held in the Southern Hemisphere.

Poker Rodeo Ranch Sorting is a rodeo with a twist! Imagine the familiar sports of cattle sorting or team penning, but instead of standard numbers on the cattle, you’re looking at giant playing cards. Each team is challenged with making their best possible five card poker hand by either sorting or penning five card-tagged cows in the fastest possible time. Teams are rewarded substantially for speed as well as the value of their “hand”.

The 2017 Queensland Beef Expo will play host to the first Poker Rodeo Ranch Sorting competition held in Australia. Poker Rodeo Ranch Sorting is the fastest growing equine sport in the world, the only arena equestrian sport that challenges riders to think strategically and ride competitively in dynamic timed events.

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Meet Team USA 

Matt Foreman
Pittsburg, Texas

In his 39 years of competing, Matt has traveled across the nation winning titles in PokerRodeo, USTPA, RSNC, NFC, and NFCHA.  In addition to calf roping and team roping, Matt is known for his team penning and ranch sorting skills.  He is the winner of four World Championship titles, two National Championships, two State Championships (Texas), and the 2016 Poker Rodeo National Finals.

Ty Gonsalves
Arroyo Grande, California

Ty is the quintessential California Cowboy.  He grew up on a cattle ranch in central California and started competing in the arena when he was five years old.  He continued to compete throughout high school and college, excelling particularly in team roping.  Ty is a professional cowboy and member of the PRCA with multiple championship wins.

Shelley Fitzgerald
Yukon, Oklahoma

As a founding member of both the USTPA and RSNC, Shelley is a true pioneer of ranch rodeo. She has won two World Championship titles in AQHA Team Penning and multiple National Championship titles in the USTPA and RSNC throughout her 41 years of competition.

Jennifer Mihlbauer
Stratford, Wisconsin

Jennifer grew up on a beef cattle farm in La Valle, Wisconsin.  She began riding when she was two years old and began team penning at age 14.  She competed throughout high school as a roper, penner and barrel racer.  Jen is the winner of multiple buckles, saddles and title championships at NTPC, RSNC, USTPA, WTPA, and PokerRodeo National Finals 2016.

Robert Delude
Shreveport, Louisiana

Throughout Robert’s riding career, he has been a member of AQHA, USTPA, RSNC, ITPA, PCTPA and PokerRodeo.  Robert was a USTPA Regional Champion, in ’94, ’95, and ’97 he earned the title of World Champion at the AQHA Team Penning World Finals, and Champion at the PokerRodeo National Finals in 2016.  In addition, Robert has accumulated numerous buckle awards, saddles and a trailer prize.  Robert was a bull rider, a calf roper and a team roper in addition to his experience as a penner and sorter.

Robin Forrest
Baytown, Texas

Robin was PokerRodeo’s Producer of the Year in 2016, Champion at the PokerRodeo National Finals in 2016, and titled the RSNC State Champion (Texas) in 2012.  She was the largest RSNC producer for three years and was recognized as the top producer in the nation by RSNC. Since age twelve, Robin has competed in western pleasure, team penning and ranch sorting.  In addition to PokerRodeo, Robin is a member of AQHA, APHA, RSNC, USTPA and has won six saddles in her career.


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